Wangyizi Li



Wangyizi Li

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I was born on December 13, 2000. My father is a drummer&saxophone player, and my mother plays the piano.

I started practicing piano with my mother at the age of two and a half. And at the age of nine, my father took me to play drums. After we played a few rock songs, I could clearly feel it that I was madly in love with drums.

In high school, I became an artist of my favorite brand drum&cymbal, at the same time, I started to study play the marimba. I wasn’t prepared to become an elegant classical percussionist. I just enjoyed the coexistence of “percussion” and “music”.

After I went to college, I joined my first band in life, and I was very happy that I was finally not a lonely solo drummer! Later on, I joined several bands with different styles, also collaborating with some singers&rappers.

Anyway, I will be devoted to the percussion music forever.

Wangyizi Li uses the W-5A sticks.
Check them out here!

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