1992 – 2022

The Beginning

Dan Nylén starts to make rods in his parents garage up in the very north of Sweden, in a small village called Robertsfors.



First real launch

Wincent launches the Egg Maraca Holder, Knee Practice pad and the first rods in the world that features the Wincent innovated adjustable o-rings.

22PR & 12LN

The PolyRods (22PR)  and Nylon Brushes (12LN) makes their entrance. As part of the 30th anniversary we will relaunch these products with the original wood handle design.



Steel Wire Brushes

Dan moves to Allingsås in the south of Sweden and releases the Wincent steel wire brushes. Wincent becomes the first company in the world to offer steel wire brushes with different thickness of the wires: light, medium or heavy.

Zildjian Z-LITES

Wincent starts making Zildjian’s Z-LITES rods. Four models made of European Birch with the Wincent invented o-rings.



Drumstick Machine

Dan moves to Gränna, where Wincent is still located, and builds the first Wincent drumstick machine with a totally unique technique that is used only by Wincent Drumsticks: the one-step, centerless grinding technology.

Drumstick Launch

The first ten models are released:
7A, 7AXL, 5A, 5AXL, 55F, 55FXL, 5B, 5BXL, 5BXXL & 2R (later renamed: ROCK).




The Dualstick is released, a cymbal mallet and drumstick combined into one stick.

Mikkey Dee

Swedish rock legend and Motörhead drummer Mikkey Dee joins Wincent Drumsticks. Mikkey switched to Wincent because he needed a drumstick that was durable enough when playing in the loudest band on earth.



RockKey & ToneGel

Wincent introduces the RockKey and the ToneGel which are both still beloved products amongst drummers all over the world.

Tomas Haake

Tomas Haake joins Wincent Drumsticks. The Swedish metal phenomenon has been ranked as one of the best metal drummers of all time and has influenced drummers all around the globe with his band Meshuggah.



Precision Models

The Precision models are launched. They give a faster rebound and a more precise stroke which fits a lot of drummers who had found Wincent Drumsticks a bit too front heavy.

30th Anniversary

Wincent celebrates 30 years with a ton of new exciting products including new drumstick models, a full new merchandise lineup, a first class leather stickbag and more. 


Wincent is a Swedish drumstick brand started by Dan Nylén in 1992. Our goal is to build high quality tools for drummers to help them create music that brings joy and beauty to the world. We are honoured and humbled to be working with some of the greatest players alive today and we hope to continue welcoming more drummers into the Wincent family.

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