Rayendra Sunito



Rayendra Sunito

Bakuucakar, Parkdrive, Catur Rupa

Rayendra Sunito is a famous drummer from Indonesia. After completing his studies at Berklee College of Music (Major Performance) with Cumlaude’s achievements, Rayendra began his journey as a professional drummer in Jakarta, Indonesia. He only needed less than 1 year to grab the attention of the music world in Indonesia and become the busiest “New Child” in the world. He has worked with various Jazz artists, Pop artists and even Rock artists including Glenn Fredly, Andien, Jeff Kashiwa, Salena Jones, Idang Rasyidi, Tohpati, Erwin Gutawa, Andi Rianto, Ada Band, Ari Lasso, Parkdrive and many more . His love for music led him to develop his creativity outside the drum.

Rayendra also produced and mixed many songs which among them have been played on several well-known radios throughout Indonesia. And the latest production works are Glenn Fredly, Andien, Soulvibe, and RAN.

Rayendra uses the W-5A sticks.
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