Pontus Levahn



Pontus Levahn

Horndal / Tiger Lou

From Horndal the town, to Horndal the band. Pontus was born in the small and rusty post- industrial town of Horndal and started playing drums in shitty punk bands at a young age. These shitty bands however lead him to album recordings and international tours with established indierock act Starmarket at the age of 16. Shortly after he formed the Tiger Lou band with Rasmus Kellerman and spent time handling the drums for solo artists Nina Kinert, Asha Ali, Lowood and others. He then went full circle and formed metal act Horndal named after his rusty hometown. Next up is tours with Horndal and Mattias Alkberg, album recordings with Tiger Lou and shows with Starmarket in Japan.

(Photos by Katherina Asta and Daniel Liljas.)

Pontus uses the W-5A sticks.
Check them out here!
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