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Singer/guitarist John Engelbert and drummer Ossi Bonde formed Johnossi in their native Stockholm, Sweden, in 2004. After only three shows they landed their first record deal and with the release of their self titled debut album they instantly became one of the most influential contemporary acts in Sweden, winning a Swedish Grammy Award and a huge fanbase with their explosive live shows.

Touring still is and has always been the pounding heart of Johnossi. They have spent endless time through the years on the road and on the biggest festival stages around the world. Their devastating sonic armada has ignited stage after stage with Ossi’s ferocious drumming and John’s stunning guitar work and vocals leaving audiences in disbelief that such a powerful show can come from just two musicians. They have now added a keyboard player on stage being a trio only on tour.

As mentioned above Johnossi have toured extensively through out their career mainly in Scandinavia / Europe but also in the US and Japan, both headlining and as support to other acts like The Hives, Green Day, Lykke Liand The Soundtrack of Our Lives.


 A Swedish Grammy Award for “Best Group”

8 Swedish Grammy Award Nominations

Ossi uses the W-5BXL sticks.
Check them out here!

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