Ola Winkler



Ola Winkler


Ola Winkler (former Ola Hultgren) is most often found behind a vintage drum kit with maracas, brushes, mallets and various rattling objects surrounding his seat.

His responsive playing, delicate dynamics and the ability to create different rhythmic layers within his drum kit playing makes him stand out in the crowd of today’s drummers.

By working with some of the top Swedish artists in pop, jazz, and the landscapes in between, Ola has established himself as a drummer known for his personal playing and creative sound. Anna Ternheim, Merit Hemmingson, Jonathan Johansson, Lisa Ekdahl, Ane Brun and Andreas Hourdakis Trio are just a few of the artists that he has worked with.

Ola uses the W-7ABT sticks.
Check them out here!

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