Mikael Häggström


Mikael Häggström

Independent (Eva Dahlgren, Jenny Wilson, Pernilla Andersson, Anna Bergendahl, Frida Öhrn, Jennie Abrahamson, Staffan Hellstrand, Nåden, Vera Vinter, Natali Felicia)


Born (1973) and raised on an island outside Umeå called Obbola in the north pars of Sweden, already as a child very interested in Music and Sports (something that lasted). Got as a ten-year-old his first real drumset after many years of persuasion with his parents, after that it was full speed ahead. 

Mikael got a job at one of Europes largest drum shops (Slagverket) in 1996 and therefore moved to the Capital Stockholm, the big intrest in sounds and drum related gadgets could run wild (His drumming is very much based on sound and arrangements). Had for 2 years André Ferrari a mentor and drumteacher and played in his spare time in various bands and projects. 

Got via contacts/cusytomers chanses to fill in for great more established drummers and a freelance career begun to take off. The first ”big” job on his own was Ane Brun in early 2000, after that it has been going on with various Artists in Sweden, it´s approaching 20 years now.

Mikael uses the W-7ABT sticks.
Check them out here!

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