Michaela Naydenova



Michaela Naydenova

Bloodrush (live session member)
Former bands : Ember & Dust, KhanЪ, Phyx(live session member) 

Michaela started with drum lessons at the age of 15 and afterwards decides to continue her professional path in that direction. She has a bachelor’s degree from the National Music Academy where she graduates Pop and Jazz drumming. In 2021 Michaela continued her university education and now one of her main activities is teaching drums. Two years ago she won 3rd place from the world contest ‘Hit Like A Girl’ and later became the first Bulgarian artist to be signed by Meinl Cymbals and DW Drums. She has played in several bands in Bulgaria as KhanЪ, Ember & Dust, Phyx (session live member), Bloodrush (session live member) and will soon announce couple of projects she is currently working on. In 2022 Michaela played at her first drum festival – Sofia Drum Fest – with Krimh and George Kollias as headliners.

Michaela uses the W-5B sticks.
Check them out here!

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