Mattias Carlsson



Mattias Carlsson


Mattias is the drummer of the Swedish band Nestor.

Mattias grew up in Falköping, Sweden – only 90 km from Wincent headquarters in Gränna. 

Started the band Nestor in 1989, struggled for a few years and took a pause for a couple of decades.

During the pandemic the boys reunited the band an released the Grammy nominated album: “Kids in a ghost town” in 2021.

“-The summer of 2022 was amazing, a lot of festivals, Sweden Rock, opening for KISS at Tele2 Arena and ending the summer with a sold out concert in our ghost town – NESTORFEST”

He is currently touring the world with his band Nestor.

(Photos by Basse Hellgren & Andrea Forlani)

Mattias uses the W-5BXL sticks.
Check them out here!

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