Luca Dechert



Luca Dechert

Mehnersmoos, KIKI, Urban Club Band, Roy Hammer & Die Pralinées

Luca Dechert is a professional drummer raised in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. When he was 3 years old he started playing drums. 
Meanwhile being in school, Luca played his first professional Gigs at the age of 15.
After finishing school he studied at the Institut for Music in Osnabrück.
He is already considered one of the exceptional talents in the drummer scene in Germany. His priority is the musicality, enjoyment of music, rhythm, and groove.
Now he plays big HipHop Shows and Tours with Artists like Mehnersmoos or KIKI. 
Luca is also part of the Urban Club Band, Germanys Club Band No.1

Luca uses the W-5A sticks.
Check them out here!

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