Kyle McGrail



Kyle McGrail

Mod Sun

With over fifteen years of experience behind the kit, Boston native Kyle McGrail is living out his dreams. After amassing a sizable YouTube following where he was recognized for his high-energy and hard-hitting playing style, he captured the attention of one of pop-punk’s most transcendent artists, Mod Sun. Nearly three years later he’s played on sold out tours around the world and has played dream venues ranging from the iconic Red Rocks all the way to the Concert for Earth Benefit which took place in a volcano crater on an island off of Portugal. 

When Kyle is not on tour with Mod Sun his schedule is filled with recording sessions for artists ranging from hard rock to pop-country in addition to regularly producing content for his social media platforms.

Kyle is a firm believer that if you can dream it, you can achieve it and wants to help spread that belief to as many people as possible. 

Kyle uses the W-5BXL sticks.
Check them out here!

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