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Kwesi Yvorra

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Kwesi Yvorra is a Swedish based Session drummer, producer and artist hailing from London, England.

Turning pro at only 12 years old, Kwesi travelled various parts of the world with his family band, the Yvorras, over the next decade. Upon his return to London, he finished his studies with distinction and pressed on in the UK music industry. This eventually led to a longterm role as the in house drummer and composer for Warner Brothers via Spirit Studios (under legendary British producer,Aaron Harry) in South London, with a slew of fellow composers and artists, specialising in primarily film and TV work. He held this position for 6 years, whilst holding down drum duties for various artists in a session capacity and also presenting a drumming show on Youtube. Kwesi’s playing was also featured on the in the Wimbledon finals in 2019 on the BBC, which was a huge highlight for his career so far.

In 2020 , Kwesi moved to Stockholm, Sweden. it was from there he released his first Solo EP, (I’m About, Still) in 2021 on the UK label “Jazz Refreshed”. Kwesi has continued his work both as a solo artist and session drummer in collaboration with various artists, such as Homeboy Sandman, John Robinson, Boukas, Moosedawa,  Byron The Aquarius, Heidi Vogel, Liselotte Östblom, Max I Million ,New General Catalogue, Buju Anton, Bjarne B, and many others both live and in the studio. 

Kwesi’s formidable drumming style has been shaped by his love of Jazz Fusion, but he is as comfortable laying down some deep HipHop grooves as he is throwing down rhythmic, complex patterns and blistering chops.

Kwesi uses the W-SD2 sticks.
Check them out here!

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