J. Billy Nazaire



J. Billy Nazaire


Billy “Billdrum” Nazaire was born in Paris on October 13th, 1986. He began playing drums at the age of 9 and joined the worship team of his local church at 12 where he developed his talent by playing all the rhythms that Gospel can bring together.
His biggest influences are gospel drummers such as Ray Bady, Marvin McQuitty, Calvin Roger, Thomas Pridgen, Christopher Kee, Georges “Spanky” McCurdy, Aarons Spears and more.
Although influenced by gospel, Billy grew up with other styles of music like hip hop, Rn’B, soul, Jazz, pop etc …
After his graduation, he joined the American School Of Modern Music where he developed his approach to Jazz and his musical theory.
Billy had the opportunity to play with artists such as Jul, Oxmo Puccino, Les Sages Postes de la Rue, Tal, David Sparte, De La Soul etc …
He is currently on tour with a major french artist, Dadju.

Billy uses the W-55F sticks.
Check them out here!

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