Gustavo Jove



Gustavo Jove

Las Pelotas

Born in Buenos Aires in 1967. Plays drums in “Las Pelotas” (born from the dissolution of “Sumo”, one of Argentina’s most iconic rock bands) since 1993. He also played with important artists in the Argentine music scene, such as Fabiana Cantilo (both in live shows in 1989/1990 and the recording of “Algo Mejor”), “Los Sin Pausa” (a band formed to perform in the 1992’s TV show “Rebelde sin pausa”), “Los Perros” (Live shows during 1992/1993), “Daniela Hacker” (Live shows during 1993/1995 and the recording of “Jugo azul de uvas”) and Tu Hormona (Live shows during 1992/2002 and recording of “¿Dónde están las llaves?”)

With Las Pelotas he recorded several records, including the Golden Record winning “Máscaras de Sal” (1994) and “Vivo” (2011), and toured all over the country, as well as playing in Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Spain and Germany. Some of the biggest stages he played at were the 21 editions of the Cosquin Rock festival, Luna Park stadium, Obras Sanitarias stadium, Parque Sarmiento, Ferrocarril Oeste’s stadium, the 2018 edition of Argentina’s and Chile’s Lollapalooza, Quilmes Rock, Pepsi Rock and Rock en Baradero.

Another highlight of Gustavo’s career was performing as the opening act for Die Toten Hosen in 2005, AC/DC in 2009, Kiss in 2015, and The Rolling Stones in 10 shows during 95’, 98’ and 06’ respectively.

Pictures from: @malucampello

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