David “The Cardinal” Cardona

United Kingdom


David “The Cardinal” Cardona


Born in Colombia, David moved to the UK in 2012 to pursue a career as a drummer.
As an attempt to stand out amongst other musicians in the London scene, David took his cheap portable camera and started recording himself playing drums.
After many years of perseverance,The doors started to open & eventually he caught the attention from the biggest drum/audio Tech companies in the World such as Pearl, Sabian,Wincent, Remo, Audio Technica & Ultimate Ears.
The Cardinal has been a part of most of the social media/ marketing campaigns done by Sabian, Pearl & Audio Technica all across the UK & Europe.

David performed at the prestigious UK drum in show in spring 2022 among drummers such as Tobines, Eric Moore, Eddie Thrower, Mike Johnston etc. leaving a staple with his performance on powerhouse drumming plus passion for inspiring young and upcoming drummers.

The Cardinal Found his perfect fit in THECITYISOURS.
The band has been a part of several Uk Headline sold out shows and EU tours with bands such as Our Hollow our Home, Attila etc.
With 2 albums released and 1 more in the books ready to be recorded under the band’s label Arising empire, CITY embarks on a path for establishing as one of the most prominent Metal Bands in the UK.

David’s signature sticks are based on the W-55FXLP sticks.
Check them out here!

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