Ben Sesar



Ben Sesar

Brad Paisley

“My love of music began at a young age. I was fortunate enough to be raised in a family that celebrated and shared music freely. At the age of ten I acquired my first drum set and from then on, all of my free time was spent practicing, performing, and learning anything I could get my hands on. These years provided the foundation which prepared me for my acceptance to Berklee College of Music in 1988. It was there where I made connections with the people who would eventually bring me to Nashville…

   The first five years of my time in Nashville had me working day jobs and playing around town at night. During this time, I acquired the experience and personal connections leading to my audition for a new, young artist named Brad Paisley. Brad would eventually go on to be one of the most iconic, innovative, and successful Country Music stars of our time. 

  For the past twenty one years I have been touring the world, and playing on all the studio albums Brad has recorded. I’ve played on every television daytime, late night, and award show one could imagine, -multiple times. In addition to this, I’ve played on seventeen tracks having reached number one on the Billboard Charts. I’ve had the opportunity to play on motion picture soundtracks such as Disney/Pixar’s “Cars 1, 2 and 3”. -I even co-wrote a Grammy Award winning instrumental with Brad.          

  Success with the Brad Paisley group has offered me the opportunity to set out on my own in the drum community. I’ve established myself as a clinician, teacher, speaker and author, having multiple articles published in the popular trade magazine, Modern Drummer. All in all, I have been fortunate enough to do the things I only dreamed of as a child, and so much more…”

Ben uses the Wincent Ben Sesar Signature sticks. Check them out here!

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