Alec Parrish



Alec Parrish

Alana Springsteen and others

Alec Parrish is a drummer, music director, and Ableton designer based in Nashville, TN. While he is characterized by an impeccable feel and serving the song, Alec’s playing style is powerful and charismatic. With his background in Ableton programming, Alec often uses hybrid drum kits both live and in the studio to maximize his performance. Growing up in Athens, GA, Alec’s influences of Pop, Indie, and Rock music have heavily influenced his professional career.

Alec is currently touring with Alana Springsteen, but his other credits include Walker Hayes, Danielle Bradbery, Carter Faith, Jordyn Shellhart, Tenille Arts, Tyler Rich, & Lily Rose.

Alec uses the W-55F sticks.
Check them out here!

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