Welcome Tim Ivanov to the Wincent family


The Russian breakout performer of the year was awarded to the bright, outstanding drummer - Tim Ivanov. This gifted musician won two of the biggest Russian drum competitions: the International Drummers Contest in 2008 (Muztorg) and the Roland V-Drums Contest in 2009. Winning these prestigious competitions hurled him into celebrity status and the following year he judged the same drum contests he won and performed in at Russia's biggest international music exhibitions, Music Moscow and NAMM Musikmesse Russia. Ivanov is also very popular on the web for his internet drum videos.

Young and bold, Tim immediately became popular because of his unforgettable style
of drumming. He possesses a powerful diverse technique in combination with an impressive and high standard of showmanship during his live performances. Currently Ivanov participates in TV shows, music videos, studio sessions, hosts drum clinics and master classes.

Tim’s aggressive energetic manner of playing is one of the highlights of any show he’s involved with and his performances are a long-lasting memory for all those who witness it. His visual impact on stage has not come unnoticed for Tim is in high demand as
a live-performing drummer. He plays for famouse Russian pop star Sergey Lazarev and two celebrity DJs – DJ Pavel Volya and DJ Smash.

Also, Tim Ivanov currently performing and touring with his own Club Drum Show, across Russia and throughout the world.


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