Wincent Original 7 and 19 Series Rods.

Rubber o-rings in Rods were invented by wincent in 1992. These have since been copied by many other companies, however classic rods are still only produced by Wincent.

We continue to manufacture to the highest standards and use the best quality materials including using environmentally friendly handles, which gives great grip.

When it comes to playing with less volume and still keeping the right feel, there are no other rods like Wincents.


19A - The 19A series is designed with an adjustable rubber ring which allows even softer playing. Just spread out the birch dowels and play with real sensitivity and control. L=405mm

W-19A montageW-19A_Side


19R - The 19R series are standard rods suitable for all kind of music and plying styles. L=405mm

W-19R montage


W-19R_Side19p -The 19P series are designed to ensure a more solid feel and give increased durability when playing rim-shots.. L=405mm



19RB CustomChops - This rod is made of bamboo which is a very strong material. This helps for the durability but it also gives a clearer cymbal-sound. In order to create even better brilliance, the 19RB rod has a rounded top. The 19RB is boundled together with 19 dowels.

W-19RB montage


7RB CustomChops - This rod is also made of bamboo for strong durability and clear cymbalsound, as the brother 19RB, it also have a rounded top for greater brilliance.  The 7RB is boundled toghether with 7 dowels.

W-7RB montage

7AX - Thicker dowels for a more stick-like sound. Due to the 7-pcs dowels, the rods have great durability and also more volume can be achived.

W-7AX montage W-7AX_Side

7PX - Same as the AX but with longer plastic, this help to prevent the sensitive rim-shoot  area to flake and holds the 7 pc dowels togheter for more focused attack.

W-7PX montage W-7PX_Side

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