Nylonbrush & Polyrod

Wincent NylonBrush & PolyRod

22Pr - Those nylon rods are made to create various sound effects - you can use them as  traditional rods to achive lower volume on your drumkit or you can also take away the W-22PR_SPREAD_imageo-ring and spread the nylon-wires to get a total different sound approch. Perfect for "train-grooves" or soft playing.

W-22PR montage



12LN - The 12LN is a light nylon brush, which incorporates
a durable plastic handle. The nylon bristles produce
a bright sound and have a fast rebound. Perfect for "heavy" brush-playing or an ulitmate tool for Cajon-use. 150527_Wincent113396
L=370mm D=16mm

W-12LN montage





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