Maple RoundTip

Maple RoundTip

Maple is perfect if you need lighter sticks but with the same feel as the Hickory RoundTip line.  Also the maple sticks are UWP ( Unique Wax Protection) treated and are of course weighed and pitched for a perfect match. The rounded tip creates brilliant and "finer" cymbal sounds compared to a traditional "tear-drop"- tip. All sticks are matched in weight and pitche. On top of this, all Wincent drumsticks have the model code printed on the butt-end of the stick for easy identification in your stick bag or even when you are in a rush for a gigg and need to find your Wincent sticks quick in your local Music store. This has been a Wincent tradmark since 2002.  The red print shows that it is maple and the black is showing that it is hickory. Easy! Wincent Blombukett

7AMRT - For lighter playing. Creates excellent cymbal sounds. UWP ( Unique Wax Protection)

W-7AMRT montage


55FMRT- Fast response and great balance. UWP ( Unique Wax Protection)

W-55FMRT montage

5AMRT - For light and fast playing.  UWP (Unique Wax Protection)

W-5AMRT montage

5BMRT - Perfect for all-round playing with fast response.  UWP ( Unique Wax Protection)

W-5BMRT montage

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