Hickory RoundTip

Round Tip

Wincent RoundTip- line of drumsticks are made of selected US hickory. The "RoundTip" means that they have a ball-shaped tip which creates clearer and "finer" cymbal-sound. Also the neck is a bit longer for better and faster rebound. The sticks are treated with our famous UWP (Unique Wax Protection), weighted and pitched in pairs. On top of this, all Wincent sticks have the model-code printed on the butt-end of the stick for easy identification in your stick bag or in your local Music store. Red printed means maple, black for hickory. The rounded symbol is showing that the stick is a RoundTip.  The "butt-end" printing has been a Wincent trademark since 2002. Wincent Blombukett


7ART. For lighter playing. The rounded tip creates great cymbalsound and the longer neck creates great rebound. UWP (Unique Wax Protection).

W-7ART montage

55FRT. Fast response and great balance. Sized between 5ART and 5BRT. Nigel Glockler from Saxon uses this stick with his own logo printed on it. Tim Ivanov is another popular drumming artist from Russia using this model.

W-55FRT montage

5ART. For light and fast playing. The most popular model in the RoundTip line. The rounded tip creates nice cymbalsound and the longer neck gives great rebound.  UWP (Unique Wax Protection).

W-5ART montage

5BRT. Perfect for all-round playing with fast response.  The rounded tip creates nice cymbal-sound and the longer neck gives great rebound.  UWP (Unique Wax Protection).

W-5BRT montage

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