Marcelo Novati



Marcelo Novati


Marcelo Novati was born in Argentina…after he played there with the top bands/artists, he decided to change his path.

In 1997 he moved to Madrid, Spain , where he began wording , playing and recording with artists such as Ketama , Mecano, Presuntos Implicados , Miguel Bosé, Pedro Guerra, Najwa Nimri , Carlos Jean , Miguel Rios, Victor Manuel , Ana Belen, Pereza, Amaral, Manolo Garcia, Alejo Stivel , Armando Manzanero , Milton Nascimento, Paulina Rubio , Julieta Venega, Coti, Tommy Torres, Joan Manuel Serrat, Alejandro Lerner y Niña Pastori, and his own band LEGÜERO among others. 

In 2016 he joins Latin star JUANES’s band. Currently he is living in Miami, touring with JUANES and tracking drums online at his own studio NOVAESTUDIOS MIAMI for different producers.

Marcelo also endorses Zildjian cymbals, DW drums, Evans drumheads and 64 audio in ears. 

Marcelo uses the W-5B sticks.
Check them out here!