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Hey Chus! Welcome to the family!

Wincent welcomes the incredible drummer Chus Gancedo from Spain. Chus is using the popular model 55FXL which is sized between a 5A and 5B in diameter and slightly longer than a standard 55F for extra reach.

Mike Thorne from SAGA joins the Wincent Family

Welcome Mike Thorne (Saga) to the Wincent family. The Canadian band Saga has sold over 8 million albums over the world. Mike has been a member of this progressive rock band since 2012 and uses Wincent 5B.

Our homepage is undergoing some BIG cosmetic and..

Our homepage is undergoing some BIG cosmetic and..

functional changes. Please bare with us and don´t hesistate to contact us if you see anything thats not correct. best regards The Wincent family

Wincent and Phil Mer from Italy!

Welcome to the family!

Welcome to the Wincent family

Pipó Teixeira! One of Portugals finest drummers. Check him out

Welcome to the Wincent family

Pierluigi Villani, we are honoured to have you on ! check him out at his official homepage

Welcome to the Wincent family

Antonio Di Lorenzo, welcome onboard ! Check him out here:

Accept at Sweden Rock

Met up with the guys from Accept during Sweden Rock.

Mustasch at Sweden Rock

The biggest heavy metal festival has just finished. We hade 4 artists using our products. We give you.... Mustasch

Wincent welcomes Randy Black..