DualSticks - One of our most popular accessories.  The felt-ball is very soft and and are creating very balanced cymbal-swells without any tap-sounds which often can be heard when harder felt is beeing used.  If you need quick changes between malletstick-playing and stick-playing - no problem; simply turn the DualStick around and you can use the tip for normal drumstick-playing.










W-DualSticks Action W-Swoosh - Action

SwooshStick - Ideal for cymbal swells. The felt ball is very soft and
does not create” tap- sound” when a smooth cymbal swell is needed. This is due to the very soft felt which has been special developed for Wincent.


W-Swoosh - Image










Simply a stick for cymbal swells and tom-tom playing. Very soft feltballs
specially developed for Wincent in order to not create unwanted “tap-sounds”.

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