Maple Standard

Maple Standard

Selected maple that is perfect if you need lighter sticks but with the same feel as the Hickory Standard line. Also the maple sticks are UWP ( Unique Wax Protection) treated and are of course weighed and pitched for a perfect match. You can recognize the Maple sticks as they are printed with red color at the end of the sticks. Easy to find in your Music store and easy to find in your stick-bag if your are playing diffrent styles and need diffrent tools. Wincent Blombukett

7A. For lighter playing. Creates excellent cymbal sounds.  UWP ( Unique Wax Protection)

W-7AM montageW-

5A. For light and fast playing. Well balanced.  UWP ( Unique Wax Protection)

W-5AM montage

5B. Perfect for all-round playing with fast response.  UWP ( Unique Wax Protection)

W-5BM montage

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