Hickory Standard



Wincent standard line of drumsticks are made of selected US hickory. The "standard" means that they have a traditional "tear-drop"- shaped tip which is the most popular tip for drumsticks.  The sticks are treated with our famous UWP (Unique Wax Protection), weighted and pitched in pairs. On top of this, all Wincent sticks have the model-code printed on the butt-end of the stick for easy identification in your stick bag or in your local Music store. Red printed means maple, black for hickory.  This has been a Wincent trademark since 2002Wincent Blombukett

7A. For lighter playing. Creates excellent cymbal sounds. UWP Protected.W-7a montage

7A XL. Similar to 7A but with a greater reach. UWP Protected (Unique Wax Protection)

W-7AXL montage

5A. For light and fast playing. Well balanced. The most sold model. UWP Protected (Unique Wax Protection)

W-5A montage

5A XL. Similar to 5A but longer and deliveres more power and has a greater reach. UWP Protected (Unique Wax Protection)

W-5AXL montage

5A XXL. Similar to 5A XL but an even greater reach. L=433mm D=14,3mm.
Created by Per Lindvall. Michael Miley (Rival Sons) is one of many users who loves and uses this model. UWP Protected (Unique Wax Protection)


5A JazzStick. 5A grip but with a longer neck for better rebound. It also comes with a specially designed tip for outstanding cymbal sound. L=406mm D=14,3mm. Popular users are Dogac Titiz from Turkey. UWP Protected (Unique Wax Protection)
W-JAZZ 5A montage


5A NoTip. The name says it all. Perfect for carnival playing, marching and heavy hitters. L=406mm D=14,3mm
W-NoTip 5A montage

55F. Fast response and great balance. Sized between a standard 5A and 5B, so if you are looking for a 5A but a bit thicker or a 5B but a bit thinner, this is the perfect match. UWP Protected (Unique Wax Protection)

W-55F montage

55F XL. Similar to 5AXL and 5BXL but sized in between, due to the length this model deliveres more power and has a greater reach. UWP Protected (Unique Wax Protection)

W-55FXL montage

5B. Perfect for all-round playing with fast response. This model is also togheter with 5A and 7A a topseller and drummers as Jan in Amorphis, Brian Downey (Thin Lizzy) and many other have this as the no. 1 tool. UWP Protected (Unique Wax Protection)

W-5B montage

5B XL. Similar to 5B but longer for great reach and power. This model is one of the top 5 sellers in Wincent program.  UWP Protected (Unique Wax Protection)

W-5BXL montage

5B XXL. Similar to 5B but with an even greater reach in comparison to 5BXL. Those sticks are for you that needs length and great reach. UWP Protected (Unique Wax Protection)


W-5BXXL montage

ROCK. For heavy playing. Great punch and power. Similar in shape as the 5BXL, 5AXL and 55FXL but thicker. UWP Protected (Unique Wax Protection)

W-2R montage

Metal. Similar to 5B XXL but thicker for a more powerful playing. L=433mm D=15,8mm. Popular users of this model is Chris Dangerous from The Hives (Special white finish).
W-METAL montage

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