Michael Miley – Rival Sons “Greatest modern rock/indie drummer in the world”

Wincent is proud to announce that Michael Miley, drummer of Rival Sons, is joining the Wincent artist roaster. Rival Sons is now becoming more popular than ever with their classic rock n´ roll music. They have just received the Classic Rock magazine “breakthrough” award and legends like Jimmy Page have given his blessing for this multi-grooving band.

We would also take the opportunity to congratulate Michael for winning the voting for the “Greatest modern rock/indie drummer in the world” at www.musicradar.com. For more information check here; http://www.musicradar.com/news/drums/drummers-world-cup-the-10-best-modern-rock-indie-punk-drummers-of-all-time-567834/10Michael has been a part of developing a new models which will be described as a ultra-long 5A, named 5AXXL. This model will soon be launched. We will keep you posted on facebook and wincent.se.

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